Tastefully fusing her love for soulful R&B and Contemporary Pop Ainae Nielsen has created her unique sound that goes beyond what is being produced in today's music market. Her awareness of the world and need to learn has given her the tools to create meaningful lyricism and melodies that capsulate all the colors being produced in her head. The vocalist and songwriter was raised in South East Washington DC, using her poetry and melodies she has translated her experiences and hopes into every song she has poured out onto paper. Her household was full of music and silence was a foreign entity that wasn’t always welcomed into the doors.

             She released her first song “Full Plate” on Sound Cloud in November 2017 and received much attention earning 2,000 plays in the first few days of its release. With the release of her first song, she has worked ferociously on her first EP “Contort” to feature “Full Plate," which is planned to be released mid-March, to start the New Year strong and full of meaning, energy and as a present to herself for her birthday. She has created a name for her self through the performances she has done and events she has organized and curated for the benefit of young DMV artists like REM SLEEP and works to create more events like these to highlight young artists like herself. 

             Ainae brings new breath to the overly saturated market she is working to influence. If you don't believe, make sure to listen to her newly released EP -“Contort,” which shows the immense talent and uniqueness that Ainae can bring to 2018.


                The world is writing a story that Ainae has the pen to translate.